Hello! 58-12 Design Lab is a non-profit research and design firm. We do things like produce advocacy journalism and create low-cost housing plans. Take a look at our work, read our blog, find out more about us, and see how you can get involved!


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Who We Are

58-12 Design Lab is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization formed and registered in the State of California. In 2009, three friends at UCLA who were going into architecture, law, and business sought to use the power of good design in order create positive social change. They embarked on a journey that led them somewhere between anthropology, journalism, and design and this unique approach has continued as the organization now focuses on place-based, social research and media production that reveals the overlooked, the misunderstood, and the opaque.
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Our Goals

1 To examine the conditions that perpetuate inequality in places and between people.
There is a lot of incredible research being done by institutions arount he world but these macro-studies are often unable to break down the real inequalities that are perpetuated at the individual level. We hope to fill that gap by examining issues specific to a particular place or people.

2 To advocate on behalf of the disenfranchised, and to create positive social change, through the dissemination of well-designed media.
We are a small and nimble organization and want to make effective use of our backgrounds in law, design, and technology. While we encourage giving to direct aid organizations, we hope to be the advocate for those who need the most help by bringing light to their circumstances, and by educating the public and policymakers on best practices as determined by our research.

3 To tell the stories of individuals and groups with the aim of creating a rapport among all people.
We are firm believers in the power of storytelling. By hearing each others' stories, we build respect and understanding for people that we might not otherwise care about. We hope to be the storytellers for those whose stories are hidden, ignored, or otherwise not heard.

4 To be the first to change in response to our work.
While it is easy to be an organization that creates media and tells stories, it doesn't amount to much if the people in that organization don't make the changes in their own lives that they purport to believe in. We strive to be authentic in our claims for justice, and to walk our talk.
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Jonathan Crisman

Jonathan is the founder of 58-12 Design Lab and presently serves as its Executive Director. He holds an appointment in UCLA's Department of Architecture and Urban Design where he is Project Director and Core Faculty for the Urban Humanities Initiative. His main areas of research are spatial media and novel means of urban representation. He is also Principal at the design practice No Syle, S.P. and the art practice Subjective Objective. He can be reached at jonathan@58-12.org.

Melanie Young

Melanie is a co-founder of 58-12 Design Lab and serves as Chief Programs Officer. She is a graduate of the UC Davis School of Law and is particularly interested in the role the practice of law plays in areas of immigration, international development and human rights. She currently holds a position at Legal Services of Northern California. When she’s not working, you can find Melanie at sipping an Americano at her local coffee shop, making plans to but not actually going to the gym, traveling, shopping at Sacramento’s farmers market, or listening to live music. She can be reached at melanie.young@58-12.org.

Tammy Hu

Tammy currently serves as Program and Grants Manager for 58-12 Design Lab. After working abroad in Shanghai at an international logistics company, Tammy took on a job at a start-up technology firm in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is interested in microfinance and its role in bringing sustainable development to communities. When Tammy is not working, you can find her trying new restaurants, watching reruns of "The X-Files", indulging in a game of Scrabble, flying kites and playing sports at the park, or daydreaming about what it would be like to be married to Daniel Henney. She can be reached at tammy.hu@58-12.org.

Thomas Yung

Thomas is a co-founder of 58-12 Design Lab and currently serves as Advising Director. Though a Sacramento native, he's made his way down to Los Angeles where he works as a tax associate at PricewaterhouseCoopers. When Thomas is not working, you can find him cooking up something delicious, scoping out the best restaurants in L.A., or watching old episodes of Arrested Development. He can be reached at thomas.yung@58-12.org.

Derek Liu
Waqas Jawaid
Quardean Lewis-Allen
Steven Beckly
Alan Lu
Yuji Sakuma

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Contact Us

We are based in Los Angeles, CA.
T: 213 255 5812
E: hello@58-12.org
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